Smoking Cessation

‘No Durri for this Murri’

NCACCH is offering community members the opportunity to be fully supported on their pathway to quit smoking.   On the ‘No Durri for this Murri’ program, every client that registers will have their own quit coach to assist them on their journey to quitting, as well as receiving support from a NCACCH Smoking Program Support worker.  The ‘No Durri for this Murri’ program also provides free access to treatment including patches, gum, lozenges, medication, counselling, hypnotherapy and acupuncture.

The NCACCH ‘No Durri for this Murri’ smoking cessation program funded through the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) continues to gain momentum with over 123 community members on their way to a healthier future.

We are also eager to announce that we will be soon be launching a media campaign on Harm Reduction with a TV advertisement, radio ads and posters.  We will also have a DVD to distribute to schools and for youth events.

We have had numerous success stories with community members who have become non-smokers due to our program.

Some of these stories can be seen on our YouTube channel ncacchTV.

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