Health Check Days

Since 2005 NCACCH has been hosting an annual Well Person’s Health Check Day (WPHCD) in both the Sunshine Coast and Gympie, in partnership with Qld Health and Focus Health Network (FHN) formerly Sunshine Coast Division of General Practice.

The aim of WPHCD is to educate and increase awareness of the health issues affecting our community.  The day encourages community members to complete their general and sexual health checks and then follow up with their local GP for a Full Adult Health Checks. Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccinations are also available on the day.

It is also a day for local organisations/agencies (Indigenous and Non-Indigenous) to hold an information stall to promote their services by linking in and liaising with the Indigenous community and their workers. We provide healthy cooking demonstrations throughout the day as well as a free lunch and entertainment for everyone.

WPHC Days are extremely successful and are a great forum for bringing community members to come together whilst taking care of their health.

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WPHCD Flyer 2016