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Roles and Responsibilities of the directors

The role of the Directors is to provide leadership, direction and oversight to the organisation.

The Director’s charter encompasses three major elements:

• A legal dimension – requiring a Director to conform to laws and regulations of the land.

The organisation must observe and conform with the CATSI (2006) Act and a range of laws relating to financial practices, industrial relations and so on.

• An ethical dimension – requiring a Director to demonstrate a high level of responsibility not only to members and employees but also to clients, service providers and to the community at large.

• A business dimension – requiring a Director to ensure that the organisation plans effectively for sustainability, progress, advancement, best practice and continuous development whilst continually monitoring its stated goals.

For more information on the role of individual NCACCH Directors here.

Helen Felstead – Director
Helen is a Yugambeh woman and has resided in the Tin Can Bay region for over 50 years. Helen has been on the NCACCH Board of Directors since 2003 and has a Certificate IV in Governance. Helen works as a Medical Receptionist providing valuable knowledge within General Practice. As an advocate she provides strong links and communication within the Cooloola community.

Rhonda Randall – Director
Rhonda is a Barindji woman from Bourke and has resided in the Glasshouse Mountains region for over 20 years. Rhonda joined the NCACCH Board in 2006 and has a Certificate IV in Governance. Offering knowledge and experience in education and Home and Aged Care, Rhonda provides connection to the hinterland community through her NCACCH Referrer status.

Paula Wootton – Director
Paula is a Tharawal woman from the Woollongong/Shoalhaven Heads region NSW, and has lived in Imbil for over 16 years. Paula has been an active NCACCH Board Member since 2007, has a Certificate IV in Governance and has a strong focus on young people and families. Paula has substantial experience working within schools and community organisations and represents the Mary Valley community.

Uncle Trevor Draper – Director
Uncle Trevor is a Kamilaroi man from NSW/QLD and has resided at Coes Creek near Nambour for over 11 years. Uncle Trevor is passionate about his job as a Court Support Officer for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (ATSILS). He joined the NCACCH Board in 2014 and has a Certificate IV in Governance. Uncle Trevor is a proactive supporter of our mob and a strong representative for First Nations Peoples within various organisations across South East Queensland.

Ron Binge – Director
Ron is a Traditional Owner from Southeast QLD and Kamilaroi on his father’s side. Originally from Miles where his grandmother established Goondir Health Services over 30 years ago, Ron and his family have resided on the Sunshine Coast since 2005. Ron joined the NCACCH Board in 2018 and offers a vast range of experience from consulting with Traditional Owners to community engagement.

Kerry Staines – Director
Kerry blends her practical knowledge and experience with strategy and is energised by leading business to create and deliver positive change.
Bridging the gap to bring appropriate health services and education to our communities is vital for our people and future generations.  A community approach that connects with community organisations,  government other partners help us achieve greater opportunities for our people.
Kerry is also heavily involved in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which is changing the landscape for people living with disability across the nation.
Kerry is a descendant of the Mandandanji Indigenous people and is passionate about helping Indigenous people, their communities and their culture to thrive.

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