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Closing the Gap

NCACCH is committed to “Close the Gap” in the health status of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people through a holistic approach to client health and wellbeing.

Indigenous Health Project Officer:

The Indigenous Health Project Officer (IHPO) role is to provide support to accredited and non-accredited General Practices relating to the Closing the Gap initiative, including:

  • Understanding and accessing the benefits under the PIP – Indigenous Health Incentive (PIP-IHI)
  • Understanding the PBS Co-Payment Measure
  • Explanation of MBS item numbers relevant to the PIP-IHI
  • Advice on improving self-identification processes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients
  • Advice and assistance about developing/improving recall systems for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients for 715 health checks and PIP-IHI re-registration
  • Cultural Awareness Training and resources to create a culturally safe practice environment
  • Information about eligibility for accessing;
    – NCACCH Chronic Disease Management Program
    – Indigenous Outreach Worker (IOW)
    – NCACCH Services

If you would like our Indigenous Health Project Officer (IHPO) to visit your Practice and speak with your General Practitioners, relevant staff and/or chronic disease nurses, please contact Samantha Croon on 53469824 or ihpo@ncacch.org.au

Indigenous Outreach Worker:

The Indigenous Outreach Worker (IOW) role is to provide support to community by:

  • Promoting the importance to community of improving health outcomes and encouragement of increased use of health services
  • Understand and access to Closing the Gap (CTG) through your GP
  • Communicate your health needs to your doctor
  • Register for a Medicare card if you don’t have one
  • Find out about any programs or services that may be useful for you
  • Support clients that may face barriers to access services and attend appointments
  • Assisting the IHPO in identifying barriers to health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

If you would like our Indigenous Outreach Worker (IOW) to support you or a visiting patient, please contact Brad Hore on 53469810 or iow@ncacch.org.au

For more information please download the Closing the Gap Brochure or Contact Us.

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