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Men’s Health

Statistics show the health of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander men is significantly worse than any other group in Australia.  NCACCH and partner organisations see the value of regular Men’s Groups as a strategy to improve the health of our men. The social aspect is also very beneficial for participants giving men the opportunity to meet other community members. Please call Mark Sidaway on 07 5346 9800 if you have any queries.

Need a Vasectomy? 
Dr Matheesha Ranaweera (Dr Mat) from the Vasectomy Doctor offers reduced fee vasectomies. The discounted fee is available to current NCACCH card holders.  Dr Mat has kindly offered this affordable option as his commitment to closing the gap. Dr Ranaweera offers services at Nambour & Gympie.  For information please visit his website: https://www.vasectomydoctor.com.au/




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