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Our Brochures

Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) Brochure – The NCACCH Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) offers support and specialist treatment for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients who live with chronic conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory, cancer, renal and severe sleep apnoea.

Closing the Gap – Closing the Gap is an Australian Government initiative,
that helps improve the health outcomes of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

Indigenous Child Health Worker (4-12 years old) Brochure – Our Indigenous Child Health Worker liaises with schools, staff and parents to promote healthy lifestyles, through education and prevention programs for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander school children aged 4-12 years across the Sunshine Coast and Gympie regions.

Nanna Bill’s Mum’s & Bub’s Program Brochure – This program aims to  promote healthy outcomes and lifestyle choices for women and their Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander babies and family.

North Coast Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health (NCACCH) Brochure – Information about NCACCH and the services we offer.

“No Durri for this Murri®” “Let’s Clear the Air” – Provides support and awareness to hep you and your family make your house and care Smoke-Free.

For more information about our programs, please contact 07 5346 9800 or  contact us.

NCACCH Birtinya office & Gympie AMS

Birtinya : 8/8 Innovation Parkway Q 4575 Gympie: 31 Excelsior Road Q 4570 (07 5329 5872)

Phone: 07 5346 9800 | Fax: Birtinya: 07 5346 9899 | Gympie: 07 5329 5873