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Following are specific forms relating to the Indigenous Health Access Scheme (IHAS), NCACCH Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP),  and Closing the Gap (CTG). 

Exclusive GP Email Newsletter

Indigenous Health Access Scheme (IHAS)

Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP)

To assist the CDMP Health Advocate (nurse) to work with the patient in modifying their risk behaviour and work towards the self-management of their chronic condition, NCACCH would appreciate General Practitioner support in completing the GP Status Form every 3 months and faxing back to NCACCH on 5335 1272 or adminsupport@ncacch.org.au

Closing the Gap (CTG)

       – Child (0-14) Health Assessment

       – Child (0-14) Health Assessment (rich text format. rtf)

       – Adult (15-54) Health Assessment

       – Adult (15-54) Health Assessment (rich text format. rtf)

       – Older Person (55+) Health Assessment

       – Older Person (55+) Health Assessment (rich text format. rtf)

NCACCH Head Office

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Phone: 07 5346 9800 | Fax: 07 5346 9899