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Allied Health

North Coast Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health has the following Allied Health Services available for eligible clients.

  • Dental
  • Mental Health/Counselling
  • Nutrition/Dietitian
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry

If you hold a current NCACCH Health Access Card (pictured below) and wish to access one of the above Allied Health services, please contact an NCACCH Community Referrer, alternatively visit one of our offices to complete a referral form.


We’ve created a helpful list of common questions and answers about NCACCH referrals.

️Q: I received an SMS stating that NCACCH referrals expired on June 30th. What does this mean?

A: Don’t worry! It simply means that our referrals are valid from 1st July 20?/ to 30 June 20?/(financial year). If you had a referral during this period, it is no longer valid. To receive allied health services, you’ll need to apply for a new referral for the current financial year (1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024).

️ Q: Do I have to apply for a new Health Access Card (HAC)?

A: No, just because NCACCH referrals expire on 30th June every year, this does NOT mean your HAC has been cancelled.

️Q: How do I apply for a new referral?

A: Applying for a new referral is easy! Simply reach out to one of our approved NCACCH referrers listed on our website (https://ncacch.org.au/our-services/allied-health/elist).

️ Q: Can anybody apply for an allied health referral?

A: No, you must hold a current NCACCH Health Access Card (HAC).

️ Q: What is meant by Allied Health?

A: Allied Health services include Dental, Mental Health/Counselling, Nutrition/Dietitian, Physiotherapy, and Podiatry.

Q: How much am I entitled to?

A: The referral (or sometimes called a voucher) amount varies based on the Allied Health service you require. This will be explained to you when applying for a referral.

Please note referrals are based on a financial year and approval is required prior to making and attending an appointment.

NCACCH Birtinya office & Gympie AMS

Birtinya : 8/8 Innovation Parkway Q 4575 | Gympie: 31 Excelsior Road Q 4570 (07 5329 5872)

Phone: 07 5346 9800 | Fax: Birtinya: 07 5346 9899 | Gympie: 07 5329 5873